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Forschungspreis der SAG

Preisträger 2016:

Dr. med. Ilya Kotomin

„Sutureless Fixation of Amniotic Membrane for Therapy of Ocular Surface Disorders“

Dr. med. Philipp Ackermann

„Isolation and Investigation of Presumptive Murine Lacrimal Gland Stem Cells“


Preisträger 2015:

Frau Julia Dieckow:
"Loss of CD 147 results in impaired epithelial cell differentiation and malformation of the meibomian gland"


Keine Preisträger 2014


Preisträger 2013:

Frau Dr. med. Thekla Mestan – Dresden:
"Serum-free corneal organ culture medium (SFM) but not conventional minimal essential organ culture medium (MEM) protects human corneal endothelial cells from apoptotic and necrotic cell death"

Frau Dr. med. Ulrike Hampel – Erlangen:
"Relaxin 2 Is Functional at the Ocular Surface and Promotes Corneal Wound Healing"
"Insulin-like Factor 3 promotes wound healing at the ocular surface"


Keine Preisträger 2012


Preisträger 2011:

Dr. med. Elisabeth Kühn
„Quantitative Analysis of Changes in Macular Layers Following Optic Neuritis“


Preisträger 2010:

Frau Anna Reuschel/Leipzig
Thema: Comparison between torsional (OZil®) and longitudinal phacoemulsification in endothelial changes and power settings

Herr Dr. med. N. Terai/Dresden
Thema: Effect of latanoprost and timolol on the histopathology of the human conjunctiva.


Preisträger 2009:

Karen Falke/Rostock
“The microstructure of cornea verticillata in Fabry disease and amiodarone-induced keratopathy: a confocal laser-scanning microscopy study”

Johannes Lange/Leipzig
“Regulation of pigment epithelium-derived factor production and release by retinal glial (Müller) cells under hypoxia”

Dr. med. Frederik Raiskup/Dresden
“Collagen crosslinking with riboflavin and ultraviolet-A light in keratokonus: Long-term results”


Preisträger 2008:

Dr. rer. nat. Lars Bräuer/Halle
„Detection of surfactant proteins A and D in human tear fluid and human lacrimal system“

Michael Haustein/Dresden
„Flächenbestimmung der Papille mittels indirekter Ophthalmoskopie“

Erdmuth Herbrig/Dresden
„Anatomical and functional results of endotamponade with heavy silicone oil - Densiron 68 – in complicated retinal detachment“

Monika Valtink/Dresden
„Two clonal cell lines of immortalized human corneal endothelial cells show differentiated or pescursor cell characteristics“


Preisträger 2007:

Frau Dr. Anja Kißner
"Korneale Aberration vor und nach kornealer und korneoskleraler Kleinschnitt-       Katarakt-Chirurgie"

Herr MU Dr. Matus Rehak
"Primäre Vitrektomie mit intraokularer Antibiotikaapplikation bei akuter postoperativer Endophthalmitis"

Frau Kathleen Wozniak
"Augeninnendruckmessungen im Tages- und Nachtverlauf bei Glaukompatienten und Normalprobanden mittels Goldmann- und Perkins-Applanationstonometrie"


Preisträger 2006:

Frau Antje Wurm
"The Developmental Expression of K+ Channels in Retinal Glial Cells is Associated with a Decrease of Osmotic Cell Swelling"

Herr Dr. Eckart Schmidt
"Vergleichende Messung der zentralen Hornhautdicke mit zwei Ultraschallpachymetern"

Herr Dr. Ianors Iandiev
"Glial Cell Reactivity in a Porcine Model of Retinal Detachment"


Preisträger 2005:

Frau Dr. med. Susann Uhlmann (Leipzig)
Thema: Refractive lens extraction combined with pars plana vitrectomy to correct high myopia

Herrn Dr. med. Alexander Eckard (Rostock)
Thema: In-vivo-investigations of the corneal epithelium with the confocal Rostock-Laser-Scanning-Microscope (RLSM)

Herrn Dr. med. Dirk Sandner (Dresden)
Thema: Measurement of the intraocular pressure with the transpalpebral tonometer TGDc-01 in comparison with applanation tonometry








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